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IT Recruitment

What is IT recruitment?

IT recruitment is a human resources practice focused on the location and acquisition of tech talent. It combines a number of various techniques, methods, tools, and guidelines for communicating with clients and future candidates.

In a nutshell, it is a multiple-step process aimed at providing the best candidates for specific positions or tasks.
For the longest time, IT recruitment focused solely on hiring candidates who were actively searching for a job.

However, in the current climate, when the demand for skilled tech specialists is drastically growing, and the IT talent shortage is a pressing issue for businesses of all sizes, this is no longer the case. Currently, IT recruitment's primary concern is discovering active and "hunting" passive experts, focusing on the latter as skilled and available tech workers are scarce.

Recruitment with Gitmax

At Gitmax, our experienced recruiting specialists combine their expertise with the latest AI-based matching technology that contains decades of placement data. In order to streamline the recruitment process and offer as many viable candidates as possible, the AI search engine is used for profile analysis and pre-screening.

We use soft skills testing and detailed technical interviews to identify the most skilled and proficient candidates who meet your needs. Our database of more than two million profiles allows us access to diverse tech specialists worldwide.

Gitmax Statistics

of employed candidates have been working with the company for more than 1.5 years
In 9 out of 10
cases, we provide candidates
within 1-2 days
1 out of 6
candidates we find becomes
an employee

IT recruitment process

Typically, our recruitment process follows these six steps to streamline the process and offer better and faster hiring.
Identifying the hiring requirements
At this step, our team meets with you to learn about your goals and objectives so that we can determine the skills and expertise you require and gain a better understanding of who exactly you are looking for.
Screening of needed IT specialists
Based on the gathered data and your requirements, we begin analyzing and determining the profiles of the best-matching IT specialists with expertise in the needed tech stacks and the most relevant knowledge and backgrounds.
Candidate selection
Once the required profiles are verified and available, we allocate the best-matching CVs. These CVs will then be forwarded to you for evaluation and consideration.
Testing the candidates
The selected candidates are required to pass several tasks or rounds of interviews to determine whether they fit your team and requirements. The employer usually provides these tasks, but we are ready to compose the evaluation upon request based on your needs and nuances and our professional expertise.
Feedback and further steps establishment
Once the tasks and interviews are completed, we await your review based on the evaluation results. Our professional team will gladly offer their perspective and point out the most prospective candidates.
Job offer and onboarding
After all the steps are complete and you are ready to hire the selected candidates, we move on to the final stage of the recruitment process: offering them a contract. Once the documents are signed and the starting date has been determined, we move on to onboarding proceedings. Our experts will provide all project details to newcomers, help them get acquainted, and answer any questions they might have.

Benefits of IT Recruitment Services

  • Reduce hiring times
    For many companies, filling the vacancies takes a lot of effort and resources. Simultaneously, it puts additional pressure on existing staff, as they must compensate for the shortfall and meet the deadlines without interruptions. On average, hiring for new roles in the IT sector takes approximately 44 days. Working with a staffing company like Gitmax can significantly minimize this time because our extensive database of candidates allows us to present qualified professionals almost immediately, thus lowering operating costs.
  • Take advantage of the flexibility
    Flexibility is another great advantage of using IT recruitment services. Whether you are looking to fill a specific role or rapidly scale your business, they can provide you with a tailored solution designed specifically for your needs. The extensive, flexible approach allows you to find professionals that will make a good fit at your company.
  • Hire qualified professionals
    General recruitment agencies often have a lot of people on their books who are suitable for entry-level roles, but they rarely have candidates with advanced skills. What's more, they don't always understand the IT industry and what HR departments need from prospective workers; thus, their ability to match you with the right people is limited. On the other hand, specialized IT recruitment agents have complete access to highly competent applicants on the job market that most ordinary recruiters do not have. A comprehensive screening process ensures that the applicants they recommend are the best fit for the role.
  • Conserve your resources
    By using IT recruitment services, your company can avoid the additional expenses and difficulties of traditional recruitment strategies. At GitMax, we offer fast and effective recruitment for our clients, which helps them save money, effort, and resources to stay on top of their business without getting too involved in the recruitment routine.
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