tech recruitment: how to select managers for your company?


  • The tech world today can be described as a unique reality with its own heroes diligently crafting complex codes for user-friendly mobile apps, engaging games, useful corporate solutions and various services on a daily basis. Developers and engineers, UX/UI designers and QA managers, System administrators and DevOps turn various ideas into software solutions which are used by millions of people. However, while all the laurels usually go to the techies, we usually tend to forget about those who play a vital linking role in any software development process, and those are managers.

    There is not much difference in the tech recruitment field, nevertheless, recruiting managers for tech companies is a widely provided and equally important service as there are no companies that can run without managers.

    In this article, GitMax will cover the main managerial positions in the tech companies and provide the points that should be kept in mind while looking for the managers in IT.
What managers are there in tech industry?

The variety of managerial positions grows with the number of tech companies depending on their structure and corporate culture, and ranges from account managers to chief happiness managers. Due to that, we are going to cover the most common and high demanded positions which are sought by most of the companies.
Account manager (or customer relationship manager) is engaged in strategic planning and management being in constant contact with the clients.
Project Manager is one of the most common positions that are sought after when recruiting for a management position in both outsourcing and product companies.
Product manager is accountable for the product itself, from the ideation to market launch.
One of our customers contacted us to develop an MVP of an online service for money transfers in a short time. GitMax promptly provided the client with a team of an account and project managers coupled with five developers for the implementation of this urgent task.

Within the time frame we created the MVP version of the page for money transfers within the specified time by the virtue of well-coordinated work of the management and development team. As a result, the service keeps on working, and our team continues to develop new features.
Roles and responsibilities of the Program Manager depend on the company’s business model.
A sales manager is a specialist who is responsible for the initial communication with the client starting from the first contact and finishing with closing a deal and handing the client over to Account Managers.
BDRs determine and generate new opportunities for the business by searching for new niches or markets, working on long-term partnerships or new sales channels.
One of our clients recently bought another company in Europe and GitMax's goal was to find a Program Manager who would integrate the freshly acquired company into the main one dealing with tax accounting, infrastructure, changing internal recruitment processes, changing tools, training people, changing salespeople and pricing policy.
Due to the vast management talent pool and precise description from the client, GitMax recruiters closed the case within three weeks.
Points to remember while selecting managers within tech industry?
  • According to statistics, IT vacancies are the most challenging for HR managers after top management. Hiring managers for tech industry may seem like a puzzle at first, but there are a few must checks that GitMax recruiters use in their every day routine, which you should keep in mind for your hiring process:

These tests enable employers to understand better whether a candidate demonstrates the skills, competencies and behaviors required by managers.

Various positions imply different key soft skills that candidates should have.

It is crucial for managers working in the technology industry to have a deeper understanding of the development processes.
  • To sum it up, tech recruitment has its own features and hidden pitfalls as there are various factors affecting the process that vary from company to company. The same applies to managerial positions. However, following a thoroughly developed recruiting strategy and optimizing recruitment processes will eventually (efficiently) bring you to the right candidates.

    In case you have a few opening positions for managers or you need a dedicated managerial team along with the developers, GitMax is here to match you with the top tech talent for your outstaffing, custom development or recruitment purposes. Hit us up and our managers will find the best solution catering for your needs!

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