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About Us
  • About Us
At Gitmax Management Consulting, we specialize in delivering skilled professionals for various projects on a Time-and-Materials basis. With our tailored approach, clients pay exclusively for the actual hours or days dedicated to their specific assignments.
Our dedicated team handles the entire spectrum of tasks related to contractor selection and placement. We ensure a seamless process that saves you time and effort.
Our service provide a diverse range of professionals from four key domains:
  • IT Development & Integration
  • Management Consulting
  • Data Science / Data Analytics
  • Deals & Valuations
Moreover, we offer customized searches for experts and specialists in various other profiles, tailoring our solutions to your specific project requirements.
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Why choose us
  • Why choose us
Businesses that work with our consultants...
Staff the right profiles on a project within 1-2 weeks
Decrease workload of back office by 10% because we take care of staffing coordination and contracting
Are guaranteed that the consultants will be replaced if they fail to deliver
Describe your needs, choose the right candidate and start working!
  • Advantages
Rapid Project Integration
Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation
Streamlined Processes
Experience swift project onboarding with Gitmax Management Consulting. Our agile business model ensures speedy contractor selection and deployment for projects.
Rapid Project Integration
Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation
Streamlined Processes
Our rigorous candidate evaluation process encompasses multiple stages, including reference checks and security screenings. Rest assured, each candidate is thoroughly vetted.
Rapid Project Integration
Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation
Streamlined Processes
We handle every aspect, from registration to technical support and compensation, streamlining the entire process. With Gitmax Management Consulting, your operations are in capable hands.
Career opportunities with Gitmax
  • Career opportunities with Gitmax
Unlock exceptional chances for growth with Gitmax Management Consulting.
Project Engagement

Participate in high-impact projects alongside a dynamic team of experts.
Flexible Workstyle

Embrace project autonomy and adaptable work arrangements that suit your preferences.
Skill Enrichment

Enhance your skill set through exposure to industry-leading organizations and global initiatives.
Insights and Growth

Access invaluable insights by collaborating with top-tier international consulting firms, propelling your career forward.
Our Expertise
  • Our Expertise
  • Management and Operational Consulting
    We offer seasoned consultants and managers with a minimum of three years' expertise in strategic and operational consulting.
  • IT Developers, Architects & Project Leaders
    Our roster includes contractors involved in the creation of applied IT solutions, ranging from developers to architects and project leaders.
  • Data Science, Architecture & Engineering
    Our candidates specialize in data systems tasks, from data upload and analysis to interpretation and system development, ensuring excellence at every stage.
  • Deals & Valuations
    We cater to individuals with over four years of leadership experience in strategic development or data analysis departments across diverse industries.
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