Embrace your uniqueness or why developing custom software is the right solution for you


  • The rising popularity of digital transformation has made many companies pose the question of a proper software solution. With all the crucial factors needed to be taken into consideration, how does one make a choice? The market is filled with ready-to-implement solutions, but how to pick the right one? And most importantly, when is it time to consider a tailored solution?

    This article will shed some light on the topic and provide some answers as to why you shouldn’t waste time picking one of the existing solutions and embark on the journey of creating your custom software.
  • Who can benefit from custom software?
  • Some of you might think that custom software solutions are something that only big corporations can benefit from. Brief research will show that corporate giants like Amazon, Uber, and TikTok picked the tailored solution over off-the-shelf options. However, this doesn’t mean that your medium-sized firm or startup cannot benefit from using it. Tailored solutions might be just the thing to help your project stand out as well as reveal the true innovativeness and progressive vision your project aims for.
Business process automation, eCommerce solutions, Big Data projects, and enterprise customers all require custom software. The high level of security in bespoke apps makes them needed for Fintech, healthcare, and logistics management development.

All that sounds great, but what’s it going to cost me? This is probably the main question on your mind. The pricing for carrying out such projects depends on several factors: the domain, the implementation time and complexity, and, of course, the required set of features.
Advantages of custom software
  • Here are some of the strong advantages of developing bespoke software:
  • Is custom software development the right solution for you?
  • There are many advantages to commissioning a custom software application. However, it is a major commitment and requires a significant investment of resources, so before making the decision, all the details need to be thoroughly considered. Here we are going to talk about some signs that indicate that a tailored solution might be the right one for you.
  • How to pick a software development company?
  • Finding the right company to trust with developing your custom software application can be challenging.
    Your main goal is to find a team that meets the skills criteria and can get the job done within the allocated budget.
The process typically consists of several steps. First, you will meet up with prospective development teams to ensure that you are all on the same page regarding the job requirements, time frames, and the amount of labor you estimate for the creation of the unique solution. Following that, your applicants will submit bids depending on the time and cost of development. Bids are not fixed in stone; certain projects will necessitate more time and money. Be aware that the lowest-priced bid, despite feeling like a proper solution, might not be able to facilitate the entirety of the services you require, which is a critical factor that should be taken into account prior to making a decision.
  • Here are some of the tips we can share regarding the process of picking your software developer:
  • Inquire for recommendations from individuals in your network and industry;

  • Search for developers who write clean, bug-free code;

  • Analyze their previous work, focusing on the industries they served and the project scale;
  • Look for organizations that have a track record of meeting the deadlines;

  • Make sure there is proper two way communication;

  • Determine the ownership of the intellectual property;
  • Make a point of providing the best possible user experience;

  • Make security a priority;

  • Be direct about your expectations for post-development assistance.
Best practices for developing custom software
  • To ensure that the process of developing bespoke software goes smoothly, we provide several helpful tips that will include the best practices we advise you to keep in mind.
Determine your process and future goals.

In order to create a proper solution, it is crucial to define the current process, your expectations, and the success criteria.
The following questions will guide you to understanding the full scope of work ahead.
What is the process?
  • It is great practice to ask an expert in your area of ​​work, who deals with the subject matter on a daily basis, instead of making hasty assumptions. You will be able to get vital information from suppliers, vendors, and employees of different departments.
What is the key problem you are trying to solve?
  • Focus on the matter at hand and get a full picture of the pain points you are dealing with. "New" doesn't mean "better" if you are blindly rushing into the process.
What will signify its success?
  • Outline the desired workflow and other procedures, focusing on the specifics. Don’t leave out any details. The end product needs to meet the predetermined specifications without leaving anything out of scope.
Pick the right people for the job.

In most cases, the development of unique software requires a team of experts, which can be:

  • Your internal IT department, including the CTO
  • Experts you recruit specifically for the job
  • Software development services and companies
You might be tempted to delegate the work to your in-house IT team, but it is rarely a good idea. First of all, pulling your team from their daily routine to prioritize development over their other vital daily obligations,can result in slowdowns or mistakes, which naturally will negatively impact your business. In addition, even if you have a vetted team of IT specialists, they might not be experienced in creating custom software.

Outsourcing the project to a team of expert software developers will be a more sensible solution. You can not only be able to find a team that specializes in software development, but also find one that has experience in your field; a team that can suggest the most efficient solutions tailored to your goals and needs.
Come up with a plan that includes realistic milestones
It is crucial for your team to have developers and experts, as well as an assigned project manager, in order to lead and direct the process. Together, you can create a road map for the project that must include important milestones with a detailed description of goals, timelines, and assigned budget. Revise the work upon reaching each one of them; adjust the specifics if needed. Don’t forget to allocate time and resources for the testing period and support to avoid possible misunderstandings and conflicts.
Allocate resources for proper testing

It is important to test the software prior to implementation. The testing is usually conducted on two levels: user and technical.
  • User testing is conducted by beta users and ensures that the software is working as expected. It can also provide insights into the interface design and user experience, determining if the users can operate it efficiently and without frustration.

  • Technical testing is conducted to ensure that all the fundamental elements are operating as intended.
Observe and record the process

The documentation of the process is an important step that is crucial to the proper implementation of the custom software. It should include the following:
  • A testing strategy and checklist for thoroughly testing the program
  • A scope declaration to guarantee that you don't wind up trying to address too many problems with the software.
  • An implementation plan that specifies who will use the program and when they should begin using it.
  • A training schedule and extensive user documentation so that when you introduce the new resource, users aren't left frustrated and confused.
  • In conclusion, custom software is not as exclusive and unattainable as it might seem. If you want to get ahead of the competition and make a wise long-term investment, it may be time for your company to consider building unique software. Indeed, there are numerous advantages to developing an application that is completely customized to your needs.

    Are you looking for bespoke software development that can give you a competitive advantage? We wish to assist you in developing the right custom solution and provide ongoing support. Let us know what you need, and we'll put up an initial project proposal with our best pricing, schedule, and other specifics. Contact us today, and the GitMax team will be happy to answer any questions about how we may deliver unique software advantages for your business in 2022 and beyond!

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