Work experience
Senior Test Automation Developer
Anritsu Company
1 year 1 MONTH (JAN 2023 - FEB 2024)
  • Developing and maintaining the test automation frameworks using
Python and the Selenium Library.
  • Establishing and maintaining automation test environments and
  • Defining and generating automated test concepts, specifications,
and documentation.
  • Deploying and executing automated test scripts.
  • Documenting the bugs encountered during testing and
communicating test status.
  • Collaborating with the distributed development team in the process
of reproducing and analyzing the reported software bugs.
  • Coordinating and technical mentoring Test automation engineers.
About Me
Test Automation Developer with a strong background in Python, specializing in using Selenium, Appium, and Robot Framework to create automated tests for software applications. 

I have experience in creating test plans, writing test scripts, and maintaining test automation frameworks. I am dedicated to ensuring the quality and reliability of the software I work on and am always looking for ways to improve my skills and stay current with the latest developments in the field.

Tudor Gall

Senior Test Automation Developer
“Gheorghe Asachi” University
Industrial Design and Business Management

“Gheorghe Asachi” University
Electrical, Electronics And Telecommunications, Engineering


Python Programmer


Data Scientist with Python


Data Analyst with Python


Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading
QA Automation Engineer
Ness Digital Engineering
1 year 6 MONTHS (jul 2021 - jan 2023)
  • Developing Robot Framework and Python automated tests using the
Appium and Selenium Libraries.
  • Developing and updating Jenkins scripts and monitoring the
continuous integration.
  • Designing standardized processes and protocols to continuously
improve operational efficiency through positive iteration.
  • Monitoring emerging test automation frameworks, technologies and
best practices for useful developments.
  • Analyzing test results and preparing system-level evaluation reports
to verify and validate system performance.
QA Automation Engineer
Continental Automotive
5 YEARs 4 months (Sep 2012 - jan 2018)
  • Orchestrating efficient large-scale software deployments, including testing features and correcting code.
  • Working with both software development and testing teams to design and develop robust solutions to meet client requirements for functionality, scalability and performance.
  • Adjusting software parameters to boost performance and incorporate new features.
  • Analyzing test results and preparing system-level evaluation reports to verify and validate system performance.
  • Composing and editing work instructions for quality and test procedures.
  • Developing and executing comprehensive test plans, test scripts, and use cases to support complete systems testing objectives and workforce breakdown structures.
  • Reviewing, evaluating and identifying requirements for testability.