• According to statistics, tech vacancies are the most challenging for HR managers to close after top management positions as lacking relevant experience in working with techies can halt the process. However, there are companies that will ease that burden and those are tech recruitment agencies.Therefore, today GitMax team will share with you what needs recruitment agencies cater for, how such agencies work and who benefits most from their services.
What are Tech Recruitment companies
IT recruiting agencies specialize in recruiting developers of various types, QA, DevOps and other technical specialists of all ranges and stacks. In order to find the best talents, recruiters use various channels ranging from social networks to the generated talent pool of IT specialists with listed detailed stack and salary expectations. It allows recruiters to find the most rare specialists, such as Pixi developers for the gamedev, Senior ML-Engineers or Architects for Enterprises. According to LinkedIn, 90% of applicants are only passively interested in changing their jobs, and, therefore, valuable candidates need to be “fished out” by effective search and prompt invitation for an interview.

While pursuing a candidate, companies have to provide instant feedback as well as to be able to stand out from a crowd of competitors whether it is a job description, company’s perks and benefits, corporate values and missions, as well as the hiring process itself. It is crucial to understand where and how to look for "your" people for the future team. IT recruiting agencies, modern search technologies and social networks from LinkedIn and Facebook to specialized platforms for "techies" like GitHub, StackOverflow, or Geeklist - that is what allows you to recruit efficiently time- and moneywise.

At Gitmax, our experienced recruiters are actively using the Executive Search and Headhunting tools as these tools are highly effective while working with passive candidates who are not currently looking for a job, but are ready to consider interesting offers (and those are most of the tech specialists). 
  • Better call Tech Recruitment agency: when?

    Recruitment agencies allow companies to fill open tech positions when there is either no need for a permanent recruiting department, there is a mass recruitment need, or the department cannot cope with the flow of vacancies. It is also worth working with such companies for hiring rare or C-Level specialists in the tech industry, for instance, CTOs, or VP of Engineering.
Inside tech recruitment agencies: how they work
  • Many would think: why would we need recruitment services if our company already has a full-time HR specialist and a LinkedIn account? “I will send out 100 proposals, and all that remains is to process the CVs and set the date for the interview.”

If a company decides to partner with a recruitment agency, its employees at the first stage will eliminate irrelevant candidates regarding the experience level and technology knowledge which immensely saves time, avoids calendar overlaps and reduces hiring costs. 
IT recruitment agencies do not rely on the "gut feeling" when searching for suitable candidates which is common when you're leading the hiring process without enough technical knowledge (which is absolutely fine). The agencies have a well-established recruitment procedure, and candidates are evaluated by both core skills, and field experience in the relevant or similar field. In addition, IT recruiters study the business area, the specifics of the corporate culture and the structure of the customer's company which allows them to provide the client with such candidates that in 90% there will be a perfect match.
Access to expensive pro tools
Recruiting agencies use specialized costly software that simplifies and speeds up the hiring process and impacts the outcome as without web scraping tools, LinkedIn Professional and other services, searching for candidates and processing all the responses would be challenging, while for small companies, for instance, purchasing an access to recruitment tools would be unreasonably expensive.
Recruiters team work
Possessing extensive expertise in various fields, stack and positions, a large team of recruiters is a considerable help to cover more technical areas and speed up the search for employees to the client’s company.
To sum up: who benefits from recruitment services firsthand
    • companies who are in the process of scaling their business;
    • organizations that are launching new products or projects and need to promptly hire new employees or form a core team;
    • companies at the stage of digital transformation;
    • tech companies that need to improve hiring performance;
    • non-tech organizations that are looking for tech specialists.
  • You should NOT need to contact a recruiting agency in the following cases:
    • Slow recruitment decisions. According to a global study by Glassdoor, it takes about 56 days to hire a new employee in the tech industry. At the same time, a large number of participants in the process coupled with a long interval between sending a resume and the first interview “slow down” the search process even more. As a result, the entire process of negotiating with the company can take up to six months or more, while at each stage the employer will lose valuable candidates.
    • When a company needs a specialist with minimal experience who will be trained. Some companies prefer to "grow" employees rather than retrain them. In this case, when selecting candidates, the main focus is placed on personal qualities, motivation and certain basic competencies of a specialist. It is more efficient to look for such candidates on your own - for example, on various career websites, job fairs and in specialized groups on social networks.
    • If you are not sure who you need. Of course, the recruiting agency will help you determine the requirements for the position and adapt flexibly to your changes. But if you change the position description too often, external recruiters may simply not catch up with all these updates and the search will be ineffective.

As you can see, recruiting agencies act like intermediary teams for the companies which decide to outsource hiring processes and can keep their focus on the core business activities. According to statistics, CEOs of top managers spend more than 40% of their time on hiring employees. If you find yourself in the relevant position, GitMax team will be glad to handle your recruitment process and provide you with the valuable specialists for your projects. Message us in the form below and our managers will come up with the best solutions based on your requirements.

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