Work experience
Senior Node.js Developer
Johnson & Johnson | Cloud solution for connecting multiple healthcare platforms
3 MONTHS (JUL 2022 - OCT 2022)
The client, the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Fortune 500, was aiming to connect every healthcare and pharmaceutical platform within its organization through a cloud solution based on AWS and Node.js services in order to enable seamless communication between healthcare professionals and their work.

  • Successfully developed APIs and Proxies for several services and applications in order to connect and enable them to communicate.
  • Achieved 100% success in drastically reducing the costs of operating within the cloud, by leveraging AWS capabilities and implementing them within the project.
  • Improved developer experience by switching from a polyrepo approach with more than 30 repositories to a monorepo using NX. Skills: Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), TypeScript, Jenkins
Senior React & Node.js Developer
Under NDA: EdTech company based in US
3 MONTHS (JUL 2022 - OCT 2022)
The client, an EdTech company, sought to update their existing application; however, the agency they had hired was not meeting the desired timeline. This company specializes in tracking the development of children from infancy and utilizing this data to determine areas in which they can excel.

  • Achieved 100% success in managing the team they initially hired into delivering 2x more tasks per sprint.
  • Improved by 30% the performance of internal algorithms, by streamlining complexity and refactoring certain sections for greater efficiency

Skills: React, Next.js, Node.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, AWS, TailwindCSS, Prisma, MySQL
Senior React Developer
Telepass Spa | Fleet and employee management B2B solution
1 YEAR (MAY 2021 - JUN 2022)
The client, the creator of the toll collection system in Italy, was aiming to allow companies to link service packs to employees and company fleet while also letting them manage expenses and invoicing through a dedicated portal, but was struggling to do so, due to lacking an application, known today as T-Business.

  • Drastically reduced the registration & onboarding time by 3x (from 1 hour to 15 minutes) by redesigning the whole flow after in-depth researching client requirements.
  • Ensured 100% success in integrating with other Telepass services to allow and manage expenses on every travel related expense in Italy (fuel, parking, taxi, toll, train, EV charging, ships and ferries)
  • Achieved a load time of under 1 second for every page by improving every aspect of the application in terms of performance and optimizing every process from end to end.
  • 100% refactored the state management to using Redux Toolkit & RTK Query. Also, improved E2E test coverage from 0% to 80% by architecting a transparent and flexible solution.

Skills: React, TypeScript, Redux Toolkit, SASS, REST, Unit & E2E testing
Senior React & Node.js Developer
FanDuel | Online casino
1 YEAR (MAY 2020 - May 2021)
The client, the biggest online gambling platform in the US, aimed to expand their gambling business in the online area, to stay on top of market competition, but was unable to do so, due to lacking a professional team with technical expertise to create a complex online casino platform.

  • FanDuel reinforced the market leader position with an extraordinary 40% market share by launching a rock-solid online casino platform with a fast-paced team.
  • Increased gaming revenue by 292%, amounting to $303M, after the first releases of the mobile MVP and the web platform, by delivering a highly intuitive application with a rock-solid infrastructure.
  • Saved an astonishing 3k EUR/team member in the initial phase of the project by being highly persuasive within my network of top talented developers.
  • Improved time-to-first-byte from 3 seconds to less than 1 second by designing a custom-tailored solution using server side rendering principles.

Skills: React, Preact, TypeScript, Node.js, Express, Koa, REST, AWS, SASS, Server Side Rendering, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform
Senior React & Node.js Full-Stack Developer
TechSquad | Graab - Smart food vending machine startup
5 MONTHS (NOV 2020 - APR 2021)
The client, a food and beverages startup from Spain, aimed to validate their idea of smart fridges acting like vending machines, but was unable to do so, due to lacking the technical expertise of creating an MVP (minimum viable product) to put it on the market.

  • Achieved 100% success in architecting a highly scalable solution based on Node.js, AWS and React to handle and monitor all of the operations.
  • Ensured 100% success in integrating the Stripe payment service for every financial operation.

Skills: React, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS, Strapi, Next.js, SASS, Architecture Design
Senior React Developer
AROBS Transylvania Software | Travelport GDS (Global Distribution System)
1 YEAR 8 MONTHS (MAR 2019 - NOV 2020)
The client, one of the top 3 global distribution systems (GDS), aimed to expand the business and offer the travel agencies embedded a faster experience through a new and reliable web application, but was struggling to create such an application, due to lacking technical expertise.

  • Achieved 100% success in creating a new web application 3x faster than the old one as measured by professional performance tools and stated by the clients within a fast-paced SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) environment.
  • Drastically reduced the time of booking and confirming an itinerary to under 1 hour, compared to 1-2 working days before.
  • The client manage to embed 30% more travel agencies following the release of the new application and managed to ensure 100% safety and zero downtime of the services

Skills: React, Node.js, SASS, Redux, Azure
React & Java Full-Stack Developer
Gentlab | Knolyx - LMS (Learning Management System)
1 year 10 months (APR 2017 - FEB 2019)
The client, a small product company from Romania, aimed to expand their business into the EdTech industry by providing a better experience than other existing solutions through the creation of a learning management system (LMS), but was struggling to do so, due to lacking technical expertise in creating such an application.

  • Achieved 100% success in making the application one of the top 5 learning management systems by working in a fast-paced team of 5 developers and by designing a highly-intuitive application, exposing it through both web and mobile interfaces.
  • Increased the company's profits by over 75% the following year, thanks to Knolyx application’s great success.

Skills: React, React Native, Java, Spring, Redux, SASS, MySQL, REST, MVC
About Me
I work as a Senior React & Node.js developer / contractor / freelancer, having 6+ years of experience, and have a demonstrated history in the information technology and services industry.

I use my expertise to identify & implement clients' needs with regards to their software solution.
Mihai Moraru
Senior React & Node.js Developer • Contractor • Freelancer