IT OLYMPICS: Which country has the best programmers and developers?



You might be curious about which country has the top programmers and developers if you're considering an IT career or trying to assemble the greatest tech team. HackerRank, a technology recruiting service provider based in California, is well known for publishing a variety of coding challenges for developers to practice and improve their abilities. HackerRank graded more than 1.5 million developers based on metrics like accuracy and speed using data collected from the results.
Hackerrank Study
To determine which programmers had the greatest scores, Hacker Rank evaluated the average score across all domains for each country. The outcomes for each domain were standardized. This was done by taking the mean out of each score, dividing the result by the standard deviation (also known as a z-score), and then averaging the results. The z-scores were converted to a scale of 1–100 to make things simpler. Only information from the top 50 developing nations according to HackerRank was taken into consideration.
China was placed first with a maximum score of 100, and Russia was only 0.1 point behind. Poland and Switzerland round out the top four with scores close to 98. It is worth noting that the United States and India did not make it to the top 20, despite supplying the greatest number of developers. The United States was placed 28th with an average of 78 points, while India was ranked 31st with only 76 points.
Which Country Has the Best Developers?

Top 5 countries with the best computer programmers and developers

Countries With the Best Developers By Domain
(Ranked By Average Score)
  • China
    China was ranked number one in the Hackerrank rating. The vast country is home to the fastest growing IT firms, with 4.7 million IT graduates produced each year. In comparison to Eastern Europe, only 10 million of China's 1.3 billion people know English. Statistics show that China is the world leader in data structures, functional programming, and mathematics. According to our research, the most popular programming language among Chinese programmers is JavaScript. They also prefer Windows to Linux and MacOS. In China, MySQL is the most extensively used database, while Node.JS is the most prominent code-operating environment.
  • Russia
    According to the HackerRank study, Russia came in second, with particularly excellent performance in algorithm tasks. It's worth noting that the Python programming language is more favored among Russian developers than Java. However, JavaScript remains the most popular programming language in Russia and the globe. Russian software engineers are among the finest in the world, particularly when it comes to generating innovative solutions to complicated IT problems. This is hardly unexpected given that Russia generates over 200,000 university graduates each year in technology-related subjects. Because computer science, mathematics, and physics are popular majors in Russia (unlike in Europe and the United States), the country never runs out of IT talent.
  • Poland
    Polish engineers won third place by excelling in Hackerrank Java tasks. In addition, Poland has won first place in Google Code Jam twice and is ranked fourth overall, after Russia at number three and China at number two. With over 300,000 developers, Poland boasts the largest developer talent pool in CEE. Polish developers offer high-value services for a fraction of the cost expected in Western Europe and North America. Based on our findings, Polish programmers are among the most talented in the world. Their accolades, expertise in a wide range of technologies, and education level provide them with a significant advantage.
  • Switzerland
    Switzerland's developers were ranked fourth in the rating. Switzerland has ranked in the top five in 9 out of the 15 available domains (including algorithms, Java, C++, SQL, databases, Ruby, and security). This makes the developers from this country the most dominant across the board. Switzerland was also ranked first in the 2016 Global Innovation Index report. According to the research conducted by The State of European Tech 2019, Switzerland is on track to become a European technology leader, with over 155,700 registered software developers.
  • Hungary
    Hungary ranks fifth for producing the most skilled programmers and developers and tops other countries in completing tutorial challenges. It may be the result of Hungary's efforts to integrate computer programming into primary and secondary school curricula. Hungary is by far the first country in the European Union to do so. Hungary's growing talent pool is spurring the growth of software development across the country. The state provides quality technical education to aspiring engineers, and the suitable time zone drives the growth of the outsourcing market, which accelerates industrial expansion. Low costs also play an important role in attracting business professionals.


In conclusion, developers and programmers from all over the world compete to be ranked the best in the industry. The HackerRank challenges provide a great insight into the field and the collected data allows analysts to get a clear picture of the participants average skill level according to their country of origin. We at Gitmax closely follow the latest news and research to ensure that we provide the best talent for your projects’ needs.

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