Work experience
Senior Front End Developer

AWS Certified Developer
Finance and Banking field
2 years 2 months (JUL 2021 - SEP 2023)
  • One of the team members created and maintain Audi pages, which allow all new and existing customers to buy new, used cars online.
  • Implemented AWS to allow easy iteration in company cloud infrastructure.
  • Created new documentation for Material UI that prevented the need for a 3-week onboarding course.
  • Mentored new junior front-end developers on the team in expanding their JavaScript skillset.
Front End Developer
Kapital Bank
2 years 2 MONTHS (APR 2019 - JUN 2021)
  • Designed and implemented a software-as-a-service platform for 22 million legal customers
  • Performed software testing, provided 24/7 support to clients, and developed plans for future software development
  • Maintained software products including programs, webpages, and databases
Front End Developer
Neuron Technologies
1 YEAR 1 month (FEB 2018 - MAR 2019)
  • While working for this company tend to list some of my responsibilities
  • Work with senior developers to manage large, complex design projects for corporate clients
  • Develop project concepts and maintain optional workflow
  • Collaborate with designers to create clean and simple interfaces
  • Carry out quality assurance tests to discover errors and optimize usability
  • Integrate data from various back services and databases
Front End Developer
DB Advisor
1 year 2 months (nov 2016 - jan 2018)
  • Participated in the initial wave of developers learning and implementing the Javascript library.
  • Rewrote HTML to meet industry and company standards for SEO and Accessibility. This drove a 600% increase in users by
  • appearing on the first page of Google search results.
  • Introduced a Kanban Board-style ticketing system to promote highly efficient asynchronous and synchronous work, increasing
  • efficiency by 12%.
  • Utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create responsive landing pages for both company and client.
  • Maintained graphic standards and branding throughout the product’s interfaces.
About Me
Senior Front-End Developer with over 6 years of proven leadership and meaningful contributions to teams of varying sizes and scopes.
With my results-driven mentality, transformed my team at GitHub by seeking, learning, and teaching new, efficient technologies to make aggressive deadlines consistently achievable.
Passionate about going the extra mile to ensure the customer is unquestionably satisfied with the product or service provided.

Ilkin Ismayilli

Senior Front-End Developer