Work experience
Senior Full Stack Developer
3 MONTHS (JUN 2023 - SEP 2023)
  • Mentored three interns, ensuring successful skills development and effective professional integration.
  • Led a project for Fresenius using React, MUI, and Zustand, exceeding client expectations.
Full Stack Web Developer
1 year (JUn 2022 - jun 2023)
  • (Nooka Space 06/2022 -12/2022) Participated in developing a credit wallet feature using Stripe on a Nest.js backend project and implementing different functionalities using React.js with Typescript and Tailwind on frontend. Mentored 2 junior developers.
  • (Revote 01/2022 -Present) Contributed on rebuilding the backend on an older application using Nest.js and refactoring the code on frontend using Vue.js.
Full Stack Web Developer
7 months (nov 2021 - JUN 2022)
  • (Endpoint Protector) Developed new features on the backend using Symfony and create new functionalities on the frontend using React.js with Typescript, Redux and Sass.
Full Stack Web Developer
DB Advisor
1 YEAR 10 months (jan 2020 - nov 2021)
  • (BCA Support 01/2020 -11/2021) I was the only developer on the BCA Support project for a few months, I managed both the backend and frontend side by developing new features and maintaining a good relationship with the client. The tech stack was made of React.js on frontend and Phalcon on Backend.
About Me
I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual, dedicated and team oriented. I believe that the best way to grow is through continuous feedback and taking new challenges out of my comfort zone.

Dragos Sebastian Truta

Full Stack Developer
Personal Projects
JUL 2022 - SEP 2023
I developed along side my team a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy. The tech stack is made of React J s, Sass, Context, Nest J s and MongoDB.

MAY 2021 -SEP 2021
Explorer Elrond
I developed with my team a secure blockchain platform for distributed apps.
As a part time freelancer I helped on the development of this platform using Laravel and Vue.js.

JAN 2021 -JUN 2021
I created AllAboutBeauty, a personal project, which is an online platform for different beauty salons using Laravel with Vanilla J s.
Full Stack Web Developer
Greepy Systems
1 year 4 months (jul 2018 - nov 2019)
  • Working in a big team helped me to consolidate the concept of teamwork, time management and communication. I extended my knowledge and improved my skills working on some big projects, from WEB API projects using PHP 7.2 with the framework Symfony 4, using Mysql, Doctrine, Rest API, RabbitMQ, React.js to projects using their own MVC with PHP 5.6.