Work experience
DevOps and Cloud Migration Engineer
DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
DevOps Engineer
System Administrator
Simpson Millar
1 year 11 Months (dec 2021 - CURr)
2 years 3 Months (jun 2019 - sep 2021)
1 year 1 month (may 2018 - jun 2019)
2 year 7 months (sep 2015 - APR 2018)
  • Automation of Application Deployment via Ansible
  • Management of DC Park of Physical and Virtual Servers in Proxmox Environment for Development Department (~ 200 instances)
  • Introduction of DevOps Practices to the company
  • Development of Cloud Migration Strategies (from DC to AWS)
  • Scripting (Python/Bash) for Automated Server Management
  • Knowledge sharing and mentoring
  • Basic configuring of Chef Server, including bootstrapping of Chef Client nodes for provisioning of ConnexOne Applications and Databases
  • Virtualized servers using Docker for the test and production environments
  • Kubernetes deployment
  • Provisioning of EC2 instances via Ansible (playbook writing)
  • Infrastructure as Code using Terraform
  • Troubleshooting of Cloud Services (AWS) for Development Needs
  • CI/CD pipelines in TeamCity
  • Cloud Automation and Improvements
  • Knowledge sharing and mentoring
  • Kubernetes deployment
  • Configuration of development environment
  • Provisioning of simple VPC Infrastructure on AWS Using Terraform
  • Setting up of immutable infrastructure for development environment via Packer and Ansible
  • Writing basic bootstrap/bash scripts for launching instances
  • Organization of continuous delivery via GitLab and Git, with the lead developer of our team
  • Linux Administration: Installation and Basic Configuration of Debian and CentOS systems
  • Configuration of Apache and Apache/NGINX Bind
  • MySQL Server installation and administration
  • Basic PHP configuration, Virtual hosting
  • Basic Python and Bash Scripting
  • Postfix, DNS, NFS and FTP Configuration
  • Set up of Software Based RAID in Linux
  • Set up/configuration of Firewall in Linux (IPTables and Firewalld)
Coventry University
Master of Science - M.Sc, Software Development, Computer Software Engineering

Andre Holt

DevOps and Cloud Migration Engineer