Recruitment Lead

We seek skilled professionals who will be responsible for ​​monitoring, supervising and guiding a team of recruiters dedicated to the management of the end-to-end recruitment activity

If you have strong interpersonal and leadership skills, a knack for building quality relationships with the team and with clients, and the ability to motivate, encourage and drive strong activity levels, this is the job for you.

Who we are:
Gitmax is a global professional services company with vast technological expertise in talent acquisition and digital transformation. We deal with solving tech and talent challenges by offering recruitment, outstaffing, and custom development services. 
We are a team of innovation wizards, proficient in digital transformation spells. Even though we can’t read minds (yet), we have a keen sense that helps us find exceptional talent and guide them to their dream jobs.
Key Responsibilities:
- Oversee and manage day-to-day teams' operations and performance
- Lead the processes across the entire recruitment lifecycle
- Delegate tasks, set goals and deadlines, ensure delivery of key activity within your team
- Motivate team members to achieve and exceed organizational goals
- Discover training needs and provide coaching
- Demonstrate a proactive approach to managing any vacancies on your team and identifying candidates with potential.
- Headhunt candidates for specialist roles
- Adhere to high professional standards
- Reflect on your own performance to continually improve your knowledge, skills, and development
- Communication with the clients regarding recruitment projects
- Create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture
Skills & Qualifications
- Demonstrate experience in leading and coaching a team through the end-to-end recruitment lifecycle 
- Ability to lead by example and search, identify and attract candidates using all appropriate methods to satisfy job requirements
- Previous recruitment experience and knowledge of the current recruiting market to attract a high caliber of potential candidates for vacant positions
- Proven track record of exceeding growth and goals
- Ability to motivate, encourage and drive strong activity levels
- A high standard of written and communication skills
- Outstanding organizational skills and strong attention to detail
- Minimum of 2 years experience working as a Team Lead
- English proficiency, ability to read, write and speak fluent English to communicate with fellow employees ( English at a native proficiency level highly preferred)

We Offer:
- A competitive salary plus a commission-based percentage for filling a vacancy.
- Remote work or office (Hungary)
- Independence in making decisions and filling vacancies.
- Flexible working hours (from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., an 8-hour workday)
- A team of great peers, friendly and fun work environment


Workload: Full-time

Type: On-site

Type: Fully remote