Senior Blockchain Developer
UAE | Full-time | Remote
We are looking for an experienced Senior Blockchain Developer for an identity-based hybrid blockchain ecosystem project that lets Web 3.0 and traditional companies build KYC, AML and DPR-compliant applications with enhanced data privacy.

Key responsibilities and objectives
• Participating in the research, design, and development of JS/TS libraries used in the project and by users.
• Developing internal NodeJS back-end systems.
• Integrating third-party partner solutions.
• Documenting new solutions and maintaining the existing ones.
• Care about code quality and know what it means to ship high-quality open source code.

• Strong experience with JavaScript/Typescript ecosystem and language quirks knowledge.
• Understanding how Ethereum and other similar blockchains work.
• Familiarity with Ethers.js / Web3.js.
• Familiarity with Hardhat / Foundry / Truffle.
• Strong experience with Npm, Yarn, Pnpm and their differences + npm package publishing .
• Knowledge of bundlers & their configuration - Webpack, Vite, Parcel, Rollup, etc.
• Experience with ESModules, CommonJS, UMD.
• Typescript modules - ambient modules, external, namespaces.
• Asyncronous code in JS/TS - promises, .all, .allSettles, async/await etc.
• ReactJS, CSS (incl. SCSS, grid/flex designs, tailwind css or similar).
• Had battles with CORS.
• Ability to learn and iterate quickly.
• Debugging, profiling, and performance optimization skills.

Good to have:
• Experience with Cosmos-based blockchains.
• Experience with Solidity.
• Experience with Jest / Mocha test frameworks.
• State management understanding in React (i.e. zustand / redux / etc.)
• Experience with Github Actions CI/CD.
• Experience with Docker.
• Linux & basic environment set up fundamentals

• Fully remote work
• Wide opportunities for professional development within a fast growing company;

• Multinational enthusiastic environment.

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