Kevin Gifford
Job experience

  • Working with stakeholders to identify business requirement and deliver them in the apps.
  • Leading distributed team of mobile developers
  • Ensuring knowledge transfer between onshore and offshore teams.
  • Coaching team members on the best development standards and practices.
  • Leading the development of internal clients applications (iOS, Swift, MVC, Rest, MVVM) used by the staff in critical areas.
  • Setting up continuous delivery infrastructure (Azure, VSTS, build agents).
2021.10 - current
Mobile team lead
10 years
6 years
2 years
  • Launched new app for CIS regions
  • Supported CIS functionality in AliExpress Global
  • Hired and launched 7 cross-functional vertical and 2 infra teams
2020.03 - 2021.10
Alibaba Group
Head of Mobile
Alibaba Group
Senior Software Developer
2018.10 - 2020.03
  • AliExpress Global mobile app features;
  • Infrastructure libraries for AliExpress Global app;
  • Backend for Social e-commerce functionality integrated into FB;
  • Architecture advisor linters pack which is now used across whole Alibaba Group (Taobao, Alipay, Alicloud etc). (Clang, C++);
  • Backend for Seller Center (Spring, Java).
Reflexis Systems
Head of Mobile
2016.09 - 2018.10
  • Developed 20 more banking apps (Some based on white label solution, some with deep customisation, some still in development).
  • Hired and built team of 11 iOS developers with own development standards.
Reflexis Systems
Senior iOS Developer
2015.09 - 2016.09
  • Developed in a team a mobile banking construction platform.
  • Because of two headlining products based on this platform, company was able to attract 20 more banks as clients and develop 4 types of banking products: mobile bank, agency bank, electronic wallet, payments library.

  • Gazprombank
  • Severgazbank.
IOS Developer
2014.09 - 2015.09
  • Developed HandShake Visit Cards exchange and Meetings app.
  • Researched and developed UDP whole punching module using STUN/ICE servers for P2P communications.
Sigma Software Group
Mobile developer
2014.01 - 2015.09
  • Developed Android client for remote work with virtualization complex based on open source realization of aSpice app.
  • Added custom GOST algorithms encryption modules.
  • Developed pre-sale prototype applications for Google glass - Smart Map, Recognition.
IOS Developer
2013.01 - 2013.10
Developed iPhone and iPad client of
Developed pre-sale projects:
  • Rosestate
  • MPGS
  • Kazan universiade.
Trainee developer
2011.06 - 2011.12
  • IOS and Android developer internship.
  • Developed from scratch iOS and Android versions of Airports Table app.
Warsaw University of Technology (2015)
  • Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering
6 years

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