Johnny Tarbay
Job experience

Android developer
  • Improving existing android app ( add new features and resolving bugs)
  • Kotlin
  • RxJava 2
  • SQLite
  • Dagger 2
  • Gradle
2021.02 - 2021.12
  • Android system apps development (Telecom, Android security, Background services).
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Requirements analysis and design for Android application.
  • Technical Documentation: Software requirements, Software requirements solutions, Software design and Software architecture solutions.
  • Implementation and Testing of Android applications.
  • Hiring and training newcomers.Technologies Used: RxJava, UML (PluntUml,, VisualParadigm), AOSP, Android Studio, Java, JNI, C, git, Telecom framework, SELinux, Verified boot, gradle, SIP, gerrit, Scrum, Jira, Mockito, Robolectric.Courses Taught: Kotlin, Coroutines´╗┐, Jetpack Compose, Material Design, Android Architecture Components.
2020.05 - 2021.02
New Five Four Ltd
Android developer
  • Scrum- plain team divided by squads
  • Estimation- write both unit and ui tests (JUNIT, ESPRESSO)
  • Code review- releasingstack:- kotlin- coroutines- custom view- delegate adapter- dagger
  • 2- multi-module app- gradle in groovy- jenkins
2018.12 - 2020.05
Evestor Ltd
Android developer
Adadmi Ltd
  • Development new and support old features of main application.
  • Conducting interviews and making decisions about candidates.
  • Interaction with managers and developers of internal and other teams.
  • Analysing problems and finding out the necessary information, formulating and setting tasks.
  • Communicating with designers and carrying out design reviews.
  • Planning, determining the time for tasks, distribution in the team, management and control of them. Standups and Scrum rallies.
  • Code-review and refactoring.
  • Balancing between business and technical debt. Decision making in deadlines and critical bugs. Decision-making about the release after testing. Understanding the mood of the team and working with it.
2017.01 - 2018.11
Adadmi Ltd
Junor Android developer
2021.12- current
  • Development of the client part based on Android from start. Working out the architecture of the application
  • Implementation of product features
  • Collaboration with related teams on integration issues
  • Small team management (3 people)
  • Conducting interviews
Android developer
University of Bath (2016)
  • Master of Science - MS, Computer Science
5 years
4 years
1 years
3 years

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