Jimmy Ruth
Job experience

  • Microservice architecture support
  • A parser of telematic data from the Wialon IPS system to golang was developed from scratch. Without using third party libraries.
  • The transition of most of the project from legacy php code to golang was implemented
  • Own reporting system for the client
2017.07 - 2018.03
Backend GO Developer
Developing highload content management and product services
Tech stack:
  • Golang (HTTP/GRPC transport)
  • PostgreSQL as persistent storage
  • Kafka as an async message broker
  • Docker as a delivery solution
  • Kubernetes as an orchestration system
2018.03 - 2019.07
FDM Group
GoLang developer
  • Development of new and improvement of existing microservices within IT department area of responsibility, stack: Go, PostgreSQL, Patroni, Kafka, Cassandra, Clickhouse, Memcached, Redis, Gitlab, Kubernetes, Grafana, Prometheus, Jaeger, Graylog, Etcd, Elasticsearch, Keycloak
  • Development and improvement of solution architecture
  • Performance improvement of critical services and endpoints
2019.07 - 2020.01
J.P. Morgan
GoLang developer
  • Golang, and Python;
  • SQLite (index), MySQL, Amazon Web Service;
  • Linux, Bash, Docker, Git
  • Rest API, Google API, etc.
  • Code-review, SOLID, DRY, KISS, OOP
  • Unit Tests, Module Tests, Benchmarks, Profiling;
  • GORM, Gorilla Mux, UUID, Crypto
  • Kanban, Agile
  • Data Structure and Algorithms, Interface, Goroutine, Contex
2021.11 - current
GoLang developer
University of Cambridge (2016)
  • Master of Engineering - MEng, Computer Science
4 years
4 years
2 years
3 years
  • Development and support of multiple services in micro-service architecture.
  • Golang, kafka, grpc, aws, Gitlab, Postgres, DynamoDB, k8s.
2020.01 - 2021.10
Alfa Financial Software
GoLang developer

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